A "User Needs" analysis by Sarth Khare

The following is a research on how the greatly successful App of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) can be made even more useful for its users - the daily 650,000+ commuters.

DMRC has already started the process for revamping its existing app. This research aims at complementing this process by adding the "User's" perspectives — highlighting and addressing their concerns and suggesting the User-Flow and a visual wireframe through "Design-Thinking".

The research includes User Interviews, Public Questionnaires, Requirements Study & Case Studies to determine the core issues that need to be resolved. Specific User Experience (UX) research methods of Journey Mapping, Card Sorting and Affinity Mapping have been used to design a conclusive and actionable User Flow that caters both to the needs of DMRC and the user. Going beyond research, this study also proposes the design of a wireframe facilitating the ease-of-usage of the proposed User-Flow.


The Project

Design and Development of Delhi Metro Rail Mobile App

The DMRC is in the process of revamping its existing mobile application with certain added features such as Last-Mile Connectivity, graphical representation, off-line mode (without internet/GPRS), One-Time download with no running cost for passenger.

DMRC's Priorities and Functional Requirements for the App

Below is the graphical representation of the Function Requirements for the App as listed in the Scope of Work (Contract no. - OCC-838 - Employer’s Requirements) by the DMRC.

<aside> 💡 Orange (1st Level tabs) - Main functionalities Yellow (2nd Level tabs) - Sub-functionalities